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The capabilities for your private label wedding rings are Endless…

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Choose your Design

With over ten categories to choose from, thousands of styles, and the capability to remove or add elements, textures and details, rest assured, your customer will find their forever ring

Don’t forget we offer free lifetime refinishing!

Choose your Metal

  • Anti tarnish .935 Zilverium Silver
  • 10k - 14k - 18k
  • Palladium Platinum
  • Or a combination metal
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Choose your Color

  • Single color
  • Two tone
  • Yellow - Rose - White
  • Side by side. Inside or Out.

Choose your Thickness

Can create your ring in any specific depth you need. Further more, we offer the option to taper in both width and thickness and can leave the sizing bar at the back.

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Choose your Width

Whole - Half millimeter widths 1mm - 20mm.

Choose the Finger Size

We offer finger size 2 – 20 or more.

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Shop by Price

Using retail price sheets that we will provide to you at your specified markups.

Your customer can pick the design they love within a budget they can afford, without you having to reduce your margins.